What are the NFT benefits to supporters?

What are the NFT benefits
to supporters?

In this section we will focus on what are the benefits to owning a Beyond Street Cred NFT and why being an early adopter of the series can provide huge re-sale value as well.

You can also find us on our Discord server to get one-on-one support for all your questions, comments and concerns.


✅ 10% of the public mint and all secondary sales in perpetuity goes to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. Funds are auto allocated through our Smart Contract: No 3rd party interaction needed for charity to receive your donation. St. Jude’s Crypto Page

✅ Unlimited Streaming of Beyond Street Cred the Movie Through this website. (On Premiere day)

✅ Unlimited access to our future Sandbox, Decentral Land or both Metaverse Hangout.

✅ Private Discord chat channels over @ https://discord.gg/WCFH4FCdw8.

✅ Deflationary Smart Contract that promotes High ROI re-selling model for early adopters.

✅ Owners only AMA with the cast & crew over Discord.

✅ Access to the Beyond Street Cred store (coming soon) with 50% off and free shipping to the lower 48 U.S. States included on your first order. Due to Covid restrictions International Shipping is free on a case-by-case basis.

✅ Discord raffles and giveaways. Items to win include: PS5, Oculus Quest 2, iHome Pod, 4K Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, branded film merchandise, NFT Air drops of 1/1 original artwork with Legendary rarities. One lucky winner will receive the actual jacket worn by Michael Chambers in the film’s posters.

✅ Access to live Hip Hop dance events through our community partners throughout 2022 – 2023. Show your NFT at the door using your smart phones Web3 Wallet to gain free admission.

✅ One lucky winner will be offered a cameo in the film. Includes the following: 1 (One) day of SAG/Taft Hartley employment on the set. ($1,100 value). 2 (Two) seats at the film premiere in Hollywood, CA. On set pictures of you with the cast and crew. A guarantee from Curtis Hedges that you will be featured in the final cut of the film. Accredited in the film’s rolling credits at the end of the film for your cameo appearance. Must provide your own transportation to and from the set and lodging. All other accommodations set forth by the Screen Actors Guild will be included.


✅ Deflates the still image supply for every new Mint.

✅ Higher resale value and rarity within the series.

✅ Exclusive Discord chat channel for Video card owners.

✅ Receive 1 (one) Beyond Street Cred Sandbox Metaverse Avatar as a free NFT air drop into your wallet. Choose between a Dancer or Martial Artists Avatar, each possessing all the same character motions and movements. Can be used throughout all of the Sandbox Metaverse. Includes access to our play to earn Metaverse game. Granted only to the first people who participate in the Public Mint. All secondary sales of this NFT will not qualify for this air drop promotion.


✅ Deflates the still image supply and the video card supply from every new Mint.

✅ Receive every NFT benefit listed.

✅ Whale Class NFT: Dramatic value added to the series as a whole.

✅ Special thanks in the film’s rolling credits with IMDb listing. *Paper hands clause: Sell this NFT before the film wraps (ends) post production and you and the next owner will both receive special thanks on the rolling credits & IMDb. Sell this NFT after post production ends but before the film’s premiere, and the next owner will only get an IMDb listing. We cannot add your name into the rolling credits after post production, but we can add it to the IMDb for up to 1 year (365 days) after its premiere date. Limited to the first ten (10) secondary buyers of the Super Street Cred Coin. Corporations, Institutions, Trust or other organizations can take part in this opportunity.

✅ VIP Movie Premiere experience care package. Details coming soon.


✅ Collect 15 Super Street Cred Coins and earn a Producers Credit.

✅ Collect 25 Super Street Cred Coins and earn an Executive Producers (E.P.) Credit.

✅ Earn the Producer’s or E.P. credit and get 1 product/service placement opportunity of your brand within the film’s narrative.  There are 5 key product placement moments in our film that can make your brand have instant consumer awareness in an indirect yet meaningful way without taking away from the flow and narrative of the film. We know how to make everybody happy. Limited to the first 5 who claim it.

Part 2 (two) of this film will grant first right or refusal to individuals or corporations who attain producer/E.P. status through this process to participate as investors with FCC protections in place. *No. I.P. rights or ownership of the film’s corporate brand extended to NFT holders of Series 1 or Series 2.

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