How To Mint an NFT

This is a Polygon NFT.

Smart Contract (BSC Token) – Polygon Blockchain
Click Here for BSC Smart Contract

If you have never minted an NFT before
then you have come to the right place.
Please follow these steps in order to get
up and running with the Metaverse.

What you can learn here will allow you
to mint other NFT projects and series
throughout the Internet.

Remember to skip ahead in these steps
if you know this info already.


Step #1:

Option#1: Pay with a Credit Card: You do not need a Web3 Wallet. Click on the “Buy with Credit Card” button under still image and continue onto


Option #2: Download a Web3 wallet onto your Smart Phone as an App or onto your Desktop computer as a web browser extension and continue with instructions below.

We recommend Metamask –

Please watch these video tutorials on
how to perform both processes:

Install on a Laptop Web Browser

Install on an iPhone


Step #2:

*Put Ethereum into your new Metamask wallet.

Please watch these video tutorials on
how to purchase or send Ethereum
into your Metamask wallet:

How to Purchase Ethereum
using Metamask

How to Send Ethereum
to Metamask using Coinbase


Step #3:

* Metamask will add Polygon
Network by default. If not,
Add Polygon network (RPC)
info into your Metamask
wallet settings.

We recommend to copy and paste this
info into your Metamask wallet so
that you can interact with the
Polygon blockchain.

*Network RPC for Metamask*

Network: Polygon
ChainID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer:

Please watch this video tutorial on
how to perform this process:


Step #4:

*Bridge your Ethereum from the
Mainnet to the Polygon Blockchain.

We recommend the Umbria Narni
Bridge as the cheapest and
fastest option for doing this process:

Umbria Narni Bridge

Please watch this video tutorial on how
to perform the Bridging process:


Step #5:

*Now you’re ready to Mint this NFT!

Come back to the Beyond Street Cred
Mint page
. Look for the NFT Minting
section at the top.

Choose “Polygon” network inside your
Metamask and click the “Connect
Wallet” button. Metamask will
open an authorization window
to connect. Click “Next” to
move forward and then click
“Connect” inside your Metamask
window. The “Connect Wallet”
button will darken and your
wallet ID will populate when
successfully connected.

Next go and choose your quantity “QTY”
or amount of NFTs you want to Mint.

Once you have input a quantity, choose
which NFT you would like to Mint by
clicking “Still Image”, “Video NFT”
or “Super Street Cred Coin”.

A window will pop-up asking for you to
“Approve WETH” which grants your
wallet access to our Smart Contract.
This is a gas free, one-time approval.
It cost nothing to perform this.
Metamask will open asking for you to
sign as well. Do it. You will see a
green check mark next to “Approve
WETH” when successful.

Next the same window will have a “Buy
Token” button with the amount of your
purchase listed in it. Click it to
finalize your mint. Metamask will
open again asking for your to sign
the transaction. Click it and your
all done!


Step #6:

Visit and connect your wallet.

You will be taken to your new or
existing profile page where you
will see your Metamask Wallet ID
and generic avatar image at the
top center. Below that you will
see a short list of menu buttons
that run parallel across the screen.
Choose the “Hidden” button to enter
Inside the “Hidden” menu you will find
your Beyond Street Cred NFT.

While in the hidden menu click on the
three dots on the bottom left hand side
within the NFT image to bring up the
“unhide” option. Choose the “unhide”
button and you will see a new menu
bar on the bottom of your screen pop
up with a small version of your NFT
within it featuring another “Unhide”
and “Cancel” button. Click again the
“Unhide” button to confirm your NFT
and it will show up in your main
collection for all the world to see
that you own it.

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